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The Hughes & Company Foundation USA Coalition is a IRS recognized Private Foundation with 501(c)3 Non Profit Status. We were designed to be virtually based, and assistance driven. We look into the future, rather than the past. We seek justice for those who want it. We seek peace for those whom need it. We provide change for those who deserve it.

We believe in full life restoration and transformation. We have high standards and expectations of those we serve and of ourselves. Each one of us here at the foundation have had our fair share of life struggles and events that qualify us for the positions we are in today. 

Take a look around, and let us know what you think. If you're in need of assistance with your transformation of life, reach out.

Until Next Time,


Paul M. W. Hughes




...be the change you wish to see in the world...


The Hughes & Company Foundation has partnered with various local businesses to start the restoration of city blocks in poverty stricken areas. We will be planting trees, installing security measures, recycling areas and restoring some playgrounds in the area to show the individuals in the area that they all matter and they deserve to have a beautiful, safe neighborhood for their children and selves to enjoy.

If your area needs restoration and you need assistance, please contact Paul Hughes at paul.hughes@thc-co.us



HughesTree Service - Gretna NE

Earl May Garden Centers - Omaha NE

Grainger Supply Store - Omaha NE

The Montgomery Project

HughesNet Satellite

droneUP Security Services

#tHc & omaha zoo

The Hughes Company has partnered with the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo to bring you free admission and transportation to and from the exhibit. We ask that you are currently on the roster for the foundation and that you email us with the dates you are wishing to go. Admission is limited to 10 individuals, and no staff is required from the foundation itself.

Please contact Deputy Director of Services, Ms. Cody Bowers at cody.bowers@thc-co.us if you're interested in using this pass. 


Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium



#restore tHe blood

The Hughes Company has partnered with The American Red Cross to sponsor various Blood Drives throughout the States of Iowa and Nebraska to ensure the lives of individuals seeking blood transfusions are extended that treatment. 

We also offer Emergency Housing Assistance to individuals inside Domestic Violence Situations whom are seeking relief from their current life. 

Please call 712-796-6683 or 833-342-8426 for assistance.

You deserve a better life, and it starts here.


Telephone: +1 712.796.6683

E-mail: contact@thc-co.us

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